3610-5R3 (BR)

3610-5R3 (BR)

Electrical specifications

Spark Industries leads the way in applications for low power, high voltage spark ignition transformers. Each transformer is made to exact customer specifications with multiple case designs and quick connect terminals to choose from. Our transformers are vacuum encapsulated in a heat resistant molded nylon case with high dielectric epoxy resin assuring excellent insulation properties as well as maintaining close lead location tolerances.


#20 AWG tinned based lead, may be trimmed to any length 0.5'' or less. Various types of high voltage terminals are available.

Body case

The shell housing is made of molded blue or black nylon.


Internal connections of windings are such that the first high-voltage output pulse will be positive when a charged capacitor with a positive terminal connected to P1 is discharged into the primary.

Secondary open circuit output voltage

Output open-circuit voltage during production testing at 145VDC and 2.5 Microfarad input capacitor is +/- 20KV

Electrical parameters

  • Primary resistance: 25 milliOhms +/- 10%
  • Primary inductance: 4.8 microHenries +/- 10%
  • Secondary resistance: 950 Ohms +/- 10%
  • Secondary inductance: 430 milliHenries +/- 10%
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